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Hi everyone! Last time I updated I was a high school student trying to graduate but now here I am, a high school graduate and now I am a college student. Whoo-hoo! I could not be more excited for the future. I am also pretty darn excited because I just got a new Macbook Pro from my parents for graduation. I’ve never had this nice of a laptop before. ;)

So I attended orientation a few days ago for Auburn and it was amazing. I’ve always been a little apprehensive about moving away and starting over next year but now I am just plain excited! The campus is perfect, the people seem great and it’s just far enough away from home so I won’t be bothered but just close enough to come home if I forget something. :) I already met a few people but unfortunately orientation was only a day and half. When I actually start school in the Fall, I will have a roommate that I don’t know. I only know what I know from Facebook and online conversations. My two suitemates are from where I live. I know one from high school (yay!) and the other I don’t know but we are going to meet up sometime before school starts.

I will be majoring in Early Childhood Education (Pre-K through 3rd) and of course, I am so excited! I’ve pretty much always wanted to be an elementary school teacher and now is my time to get to do what I love. However, the program is selective so I’m going to really watch my GPA. Hopefully, classes won’t be too difficult my first semester (I’m only taking 14 hours soooo…).

Well, that’s it for now! Hopefully I can update more now that I won’t have crammed days…most of the time… ;) And I would really like to start documenting my life so that will keep me motivated. I will also continue adding things to the site. Bye for now!

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